Why Brightguard?

Technology is increasingly more critical to small business every day. This progress makes the services that support the technology in your business just as critical. It’s about time that business-class IT support for small business keeps pace with these changing times.

It has.

There is a new face for business-class support. If you’re stuck with the old way you’re missing an opportunity to have better technology in your organization while saving money. Let’s compare…

The Old Way

Commonly termed ‘Break Fix’, The Old Way is focused on fixing your technology after it breaks. In practice it looks like this: you have a computer problem so you call your IT Guy, let’s call him ‘Rick’, and leave a message. Rick calls you back (sometimes in a few minutes; sometimes in a few days). Rick helps you troubleshoot and solve the issue. He may come to your office. He may need you to stay after-hours. He may decide that the issue lies outside of his control – it’s the internet service provider (ISP) for instance…so he’ll advise you to call them. A week or two later you get an invoice from Rick for the time he spent troubleshooting your problem – even if the problem never got completely fixed or if you had to stay at the office until midnight.

Let’s follow the financial breadcrumbs of The Old Way. First, you call Rick when your stuff is broken, which means, on some level, Rick relies on you having problems. If you have no technical problems, he has no income. Second, you pay Rick for the time he spends working on your issues. He doesn’t get paid to resolve your problems. He’s paid to work on your problems. Rick knows that working slowly = he gets paid more. To summarize the business drivers for The Old Way: Rick wants your stuff to break so he can take a long time to fix it, thereby sending his kids to college.

We’ve done business The Old Way and know from experience that most IT Guys, even Rick, are too ethical to blatantly practice with intentional malice or deception. However, the underlying motivation and business drivers don’t lie. They are not in alignment with your goals.

There is a better way.

The New Way

Brightsource IT aligns with our clients’ goals by putting ourselves on the hook so that we earn more when your technology is working, not when it’s broken. How do we do it? We optimize your technology for one monthly fee. If something breaks, we fix it – for no additional fee. If you have questions, we answer them – for no additional fee. If your employees call the help desk we take care of them – for no additional fee. It’s simple. It’s easy for you and your business.

Brightsource IT takes proactive steps to optimize and maintain your systems – so fewer problems arise. When you call with a technical problem, you’ll speak to someone in our local (St. Louis-based) help desk. Chances are, we’ll log into your systems remotely and solve the problem while we’re on the phone, saving you the time and interruption of standing over your shoulder. When that’s not possible we’ll come to your office. If we need to be there after hours with another vendor, you’re welcome to head home for the night – we’ve got it covered so you can be with your family. At the beginning of next month we’ll send you an invoice – for the monthly fee we’ve agreed on in advance.

Let’s follow the financial breadcrumbs again. You invest one fee each month and we’re responsible for making your IT work. If we can optimize your systems leading to fewer problems then your staff is more productive and Brightsource IT make more profits. Since we do this for dozens of clients, you get the power of scale that has previously only been available to large companies.

The Brightsource IT Way: Brightguard

We give your business back…

By taking responsibility and accountability for all-things technical and applying an uncommon business acumen to every solution, we free you up to focus on growing your business.

Brightsource IT is an Information Technology provider located in St. Louis, Missouri. We have been providing complete IT management and tech support for small and medium businesses since 2004. As members of the Apple Consultants Network, we also provide Mac and iOS management training to corporate IT departments.

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