Is technology working for you today?

A huge snowstorm has blanketed the country, limiting the productivity of your workforce. Does it have to be this way? Do we have to limit productivity because employees can’t make it to the office? No. In fact, I’ve been at least as productive from my home office as I would be from Brightsource IT’s headquarters.

I’m one of a only a few true ‘end users’ at Brightsource IT and Skeleton Key. We have a crew of talented Technology Consultants and Application Developers within both companies. That’s our business; despite the proverb about the cobbler’s children, we still manage to eat our own dog food.

For me, that means having ubiquitous access to all of the resources available from the office. Here’s a quick list of the tools I’m using and how:

  • I leverage an industry specific SaaS based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, called Autotask to contact the prospects and clients I needs to speak with and track them through the sales process.
  • I access our internal FileMaker database through one of a few application publishing options (e.g. 2X, Citrix or Terminal Services), depending on how I plan to use the database.
  • We hold company and sales meeting over WebEx. We’ve grown fond of the recording function in WebEx. It’s an awesome way to fulfill Brightsource IT’s promise of killer documentation; it’s ALL right there.
  • I’m chatting with co-workers all-day via instant messaging. Most of us use iChat. I know some of them are using other chat clients.
  • I’m coordinating projects with customers and vendors on Basecamp (affiliate link), an encrypted project collaboration tool.
  • I can even answer the phone when it rings in the office because we’ve deployed a Digium Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system.

Keep in mind, this barely touches the surface of technologies that Brightsource IT applies to businesses across St. Louis that save them time, money and frustration with obstacles including inclement weather. We specialize in integrating your office resources that allow your staff to work remotely.

None of this is rocket science. Similar resources should be available to your company. If they’re not, you have to wonder why. If these kinds of technologies aren’t (yet) available to you, please test our VoIP phone; give me call at 314.561.6600 or shoot me an e-mail.

Brightsource IT is an Information Technology provider located in St. Louis, Missouri. We have been providing complete IT management and tech support for small and medium businesses since 2004. As members of the Apple Consultants Network, we also provide Mac and iOS management training to corporate IT departments.