At one of our retail clients, we changed a Kerio Connect email password used by a networked scanner to email scanned files.  After we changed the password we realized that the account was used by devices at several remote offices! Updating the email account’s password on the remote devices would have been inconvenient and time consuming because we would have had to drive all over town.

The client did not have a record of the previous password, so we couldn’t use Kerio Connect’s admin console to change the password back to the one saved in the remote devices. We came up with a solution that didn’t require us to drive all over town, so we decided to share it.

Kerio Connect stores its user information in a text file called users.cfg. On our client’s Windows Server 2012 R2 server, that file was located here:

C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer\users.cfg

In the users.cfg file, each user’s information is stored between a <listitem> tag and a </listitem> tag. In our case, the “scanner” user looked like this:


In order to restore the “scanner” user’s password, we:

1. Launched our favorite Windows text editor, Notepad++, using “Run as administrator”

2. Used Notepad++ to open a backup of the users.cfg file. In our case, the password was changed the previous day so we were able to get what we needed from the users.cfg.bak file. The users.cfg.bak file is a backup copy that Kerio Connect keeps in the MailServer folder along with users.cfg.

3. Selected the line containing the user’s hashed password and copied it to the clipboard. It started with this:

<variable name=”Password”>

4. Pasted the line we copied above into the corresponding location in:

C:\Program Files\Kerio\MailServer\users.cfg

5. Used Kerio Connect Monitor to restart the Kerio Connect server.

We hope this procedure gets someone out of a jam!