Brightguard is a complete Managed Services solution. Contact us for Brightguard today:

We do everything a small to medium sized business needs to build, maintain, plan and improve technology within the business. Some of the most common items are listed below, but don’t think that’s all we do. What’s truly important is that we bind these services with a process that ensures you know what’s going on and are confident it’s all taken care of.


You can’t afford to lose your client list or financials. We prevent nasty surprises caused by things like errant lightning bolts…or cola spills. To ensure ultimate security, we not only use encryption to secure confidential information, we also back up your information onsite (at your office) and offsite (stored somewhere else). We recognize that a backup is only good if it can be restored, so we regularly test restores of your data.

If you’re not positive that you can restore a good backup right this moment, please, for your sake, give us a call.

Live Tech Support

We provide live local support over the phone (not over an ocean), and if that just won’t cut it, we’ll show up at your site and get things taken care of in person. Our techs are real people — real, friendly, highly skilled people. Soon, you’ll be looking for reasons to call us.

If you’re tired of dealing with techno-geeks who you can’t understand, please call a real person.


We implement solutions to protect systems against malware including viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware and adware. If your system does get infected, we can quarantine and eliminate the infection efficiently. No one wants to be infected, least of all at work.

If you’re living in fear of (yet another) infection, call us to get some peace of mind.


If not well implemented, email can be a huge headache. It shouldn’t be that hard, at least not for you. For you it should be about content, not configuration.

If you’ve been forced to troubleshoot your email server, please give us a call and know that your troubleshooting days are over.

Apple Integration

You want to use a Mac, iPad or iPhone because they are easy to use and intuitive. Unfortunately, that can change when you bring these same devices to work. Suddenly nothing works the way it should and your IT guy tells you he can’t support your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Having integrated Macs into Windows environments for over a decade, we’re specialists in creating a harmonious technological space for your business to thrive.

If you’re frustrated with techs that don’t know what they’re doing, please give us a call to get accurate answers.


Our knowledgeable team can get your internal network to be more “configured & friendly” and less “dismantled & scary.”

From software to connectivity, we can help you manage your infrastructure. Contact us for Brightguard today.