I just finished Mike Weinberg’s excellent book on sales, “New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development.” I recommend this book to anyone involved in new business development.

As a Systems Administrator and a Network Engineer, I have never read a book about sales. In fact, as a tech guy I’ve always been skeptical of salespeople and the sales process. Nevertheless, as our company grows and our Brightguard services get more popular, I find myself spending more time in sales meetings and less time logged into servers, routers and firewalls. Since this trend is likely to continue in my career, I figured it was time for me to learn more about the process that brings new customers to our door.

This book really clicked with me because the author doesn’t play games and he doesn’t see the sales process as adversarial. He starts with the (absolutely correct!) assumption that we offer valuable solutions to problems that our customers face. He goes on to explain the best ways to find and pursue prospective customers who are likely to benefit from the solutions we provide.  Finally, he recommends that we ask prospects about the problems they face, listen carefully to their answers, and determine if our services are a good fit for their needs. It sounds simple and it is – in fact, it’s the same consultative process that we use every day as to serve our customers. That perspective combined with the author’s incredible energy and straightforward writing style to achieve what I thought was impossible: it got me excited about sales!


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