Mac to PC to Mac

Situation:  The managing partner at a law firm based in the St. Louis metropolitan area decided it was time to move himself and his team to Macs. He was accustomed to using a Windows operating system and had grown tired of frequent crashing, confusing interfaces and other issues. Brightsource IT worked with the law firm’s staff to plan their migration to Mac.

Solution:  The initial phase of our work together involved laying out a plan to move the organization into a new platform with minimum disruptions to workflow. We came up with solutions for replacing Windows-only software. We then migrated each member of the staff to a new Mac workstation and provided individualized training to get them up to speed on the new platform.

Bottom line:
The choice between Mac or Windows should be made based on the productivity of your team, not the dogmatic stance of your IT group. In the best of all possible worlds, members of your team should be able to choose the operating system that both, best suits them and makes them the most productive.

Questions to Consider:

Why are you making the move?  What value will it bring?

What applications do you rely on?  Do they come in Mac versions?  If not, have you identified suitable alternatives?

Have you talked to your staff about this?  Are they excited about moving to Macs?

How will you measure success?

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