Microsoft has recently released a new feature for its email services, that takes the form of a folder called “Clutter.” It affects all users that use an Office 365 Exchange account. The purpose of this feature is to reduce the number of emails in your Inbox at any given time, by sorting what Microsoft believes to be unimportant emails, into another folder called Clutter.

For some users, this is a very helpful feature for keeping their email inboxes clean. Unfortunately, for many business users, this Clutter folder poses the threat of inadvertently sorting something important, such as customer orders or internal emails, into the Clutter folder where they may be easy to miss.

Here at Brightsource IT, our team is currently in the process of disabling the Clutter folder for all of our clients that use Office 365, which are affected. Thus, to our clients: in the next couple of days, you will no longer see your emails being sorted into Clutter. However, it is important to note that anything that is already in your Clutter folder will not be automatically moved back to your inbox.  Please check your Clutter folders in your Outlook client/Apple Mail or the Outlook Web App, and make sure that no important emails accidentally ended up in there. We advise that users continue to monitor their Clutter folders for the next week or so, to ensure that no more emails are accidentally filtered there. If you see any of your emails being sent to the Clutter folder, please open a ticket with our Service Desk by emailing, or calling 314-561-6600 option 2.

Please also note – this disabling is not an irreversible change. We are turning it off initially for the purpose of allowing users to decide if they want to use Clutter or not, rather than have it on by default. For some of our users Clutter may prove helpful, and you may already be using it! If so, please reach out to our Service Desk and we will help you turn the service back on, or help you weigh the pros and cons of using it in case you are unsure.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about this topic, or any others concerning your business information technology.

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