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Kerio Technologies released Kerio Connect 8 this week. We are excited about upgrading our Kerio Connect customers to take advantage of version 8’s new webmail client and enhanced security.

For those unfamiliar with Kerio’s products, Kerio Connect is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Kerio Connect provides email, calendars and contacts in a package that is incredibly easy to administrate. We can install a Kerio Connect email server in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy an Exchange 2010 server. Administration is performed through a 100% web based admin interface – you can even manage the server from your iPad.

Speaking of iPads, Kerio licenses Microsoft Exhange ActiveSync so it works perfectly with iPhones, iPads, Windows Mobile and Android devices. With built-in backup, archiving and antivirus features, maintaining a Kerio Connect server is easy and efficient. To top it off, Kerio Connect costs less than Exchange and it runs on Windows, Mac or Linux servers. When it is time to upgrade your hardware, migrating Kerio Connect from one server to another is a safe and simple process, even when migrating from one platform to another. We have moved an instance of Kerio Connect from an old Linux box to a new Mac server in a couple of hours. Migrating from Mac to Windows is just as easy. We have even used Kerio’s free tools to migrate mailbox from an old Exchange Server to Kerio Connect running on a Mac and it was one of the most painless mail server migrations we’ve ever performed.  Kerio Connect’s system requirements are very low – it runs well on everything from a Mac mini Server to a Dell PowerEdge R720.

Please don’t read this and think that we don’t like Exchange.  Brightsource IT is a Microsoft Partner and we love Microsoft Exchange Server.  In fact, we use Microsoft Exchange 2010 in our company and it does a great job. For large enterprises or businesses with complex groupware needs, Kerio Connect can’t touch the features and scalability of Microsoft Exchange.  But for the small to medium sized businesses that want all the basic Exchange features with none of the hassle, Kerio Connect is a great solution.


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