A colleague just asked me how to eliminate Outlook 2011 email messages from Spotlight search results on Mac OS X.  The solution is to add this string to your Spotlight search: -kind:olk14_message If you wanted to search for the word “motorcycles” but exclude Outlook 2011 email messages from the results, your query would look like…Read more

Here is a tip for IT professionals who access Autotask from a Mac (if you’re not familiar with Autotask, it is an excellent professional services automation tool.) Searching for a Service Desk Ticket in Autotask, by the ticket number, can be time consuming.  To make the process quicker, Brightsource IT created a Mac OS X…Read more

Our sister company, Skeleton Key, builds custom applications for companies who can’t find off-the-shelf software to meet their needs.  Some of the applications they build are created in FileMaker Pro. Unfortunately, FileMaker Pro does not come with a tool to centrally manage FileMaker Pro preferences on multiple workstations or even for multiple users on the…Read more

It seems to me, we’ve seen far too many disasters, recently. From the reported bombings, flooding, explosions and tornadoes, it makes us all understand indirectly or directly – they all have a significant impact  on people, businesses and organizations alike. One fact that has become evident to me: most businesses don’t have an adequate disaster…Read more

**Update: Our newest campaign just began week of 9/23/2013! Listen for us! Have you heard our Brightsource IT mentions on KWMU-FM (NPR), 90.7 on your FM dial? Our campaign just began a few weeks ago in an effort to carve out our own small piece of the St. Louis decision-maker leadership’s mindshare. It sounds something…Read more

My seven-year-old son is very active in youth athletics. He plays soccer, basketball, baseball and flag football any chance he gets. What I’ve noticed about his successful teams is that the coaches focus almost completely on the fundamentals. For example, he had a basketball practice last night where the boys literally only shot baskets for…Read more

As a business owner and leader you have one non-renewable resource: TIME Anything you put your attention towards eats away at your time, so it’s critical that you focus on activities for which you’ll get a high return on that investment. Conversely, you need to also make sure that you DON’T focus your time on…Read more

Why Brightguard? Technology is increasingly more critical to small business every day. This progress makes the services that support the technology in your business just as critical. It’s about time that business-class IT support for small business keeps pace with these changing times. It has. There is a new face for business-class support. If you’re…Read more

We witness small businesses throwing money away on technology more often than we’d like to. Frequently in ways that the business managers don’t even recognize. Here are a few of the most common hidden costs of wasteful IT resources: Purchasing inferior, consumer-grade hardware. When you have equipment that belongs at home and expect it to…Read more

Unfortunately, being an in-house IT guy (or gal) too long often breeds contempt. I’ve seen it many many times – far too many examples to list. While the title of this post may be inflammatory, please consider the list below and if you find your in-house IT staff characterized below, the writing is on the…Read more