Tomorrow, Apple plans to release a beta version of its upcoming Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite. The term “beta” refers to new software that has not been fully tested. Companies like Apple release beta versions of software so their customers can test the software and provide feedback about how well it works. Apple is…Read more

Slate recently published a brief intro to the concept of Open Book Management.  We have been practicing Open Book Management at Brightsource IT and our sister company, Skeleton Key, since 2009.  Running “open book” has been a major factor in our success and it has become a huge part of our culture.  We’re fortunate to…Read more

Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite

        We found a handy list of shortcuts on the Web, that we thought we’d share. We haven’t checked each and every one of them, but still looks like a handy reference: Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows) 1. CTRL+C (Copy) 2. CTRL+X (Cut) 3. CTRL+V (Paste) 4. CTRL+Z (Undo) 5. DELETE (Delete) 6….Read more

One of my colleagues asked if the Open Ticket Detail service for Autotask on Mac can open a ticket window in a particular web browser instead of using the default browser.  He uses one browser for most web surfing and a dedicated browser for Autotask.  We can specify the web browser pretty easily by changing…Read more

If you use Autotask on a Mac, we hope you have been using our Open Ticket Detail service for Mac OS X.  The Open Ticket Detail service makes it easy to go to Autotask’s Ticket Detail window from any Mac application as long as you have the ticket number.  Today, we’re releasing version 2 of the…Read more

Small and medium businesses are moving to the cloud in droves. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps offer great solutions for email, calendars and office applications, but which one is the best fit for your business? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of these popular solutions and identify the traits that make them attractive for…Read more

Here are four ways to maximize the battery life on iOS devices running iOS 7: 1. Turn Off Background Motion The wallpapers and 3D parallax in iOS 7 are dynamic visual effects that are available on iPhone 4S and newer phones. They can also drain your battery. Turn off Background Motion by going to Settings…Read more

**Updated on 9/18: Watch Jason Thomas’s discussion with Kay Quinn, KSDK-TV NewsChannel 5 (NBC, St. Louis) on 9/18. To our valued clients and our interested readers: As you may know, Apple will release iOS version 7 tomorrow, September 18th, for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices.  This software upgrade will be one of the most…Read more

A colleague just asked me how to eliminate Outlook 2011 email messages from Spotlight search results on Mac OS X.  The solution is to add this string to your Spotlight search: -kind:olk14_message If you wanted to search for the word “motorcycles” but exclude Outlook 2011 email messages from the results, your query would look like…Read more