The movement of software to the cloud is one of the hottest trends in Information Technology.  I am amazed at how often small business clients ask us about moving to the cloud even before we suggest it.

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Contact Brightsource IT to discuss your business Internet Technology

One of the biggest obstacles to moving applications to the cloud is connectivity.  When you move your critical business information from a server inside your office to a cloud solution that you access via the Internet, a fast and reliable Internet connection is a must.  Many small businesses rely on cable or DSL lines for their Internet.  Those lines are a great value.  Unfortunately, many of them are not fast enough to provide a good user experience, or reliable enough to depend on for critical services.

Until recently, fast business-class Internet connections have been prohibitively expensive for most small businesses in our area.  St. Louis doesn’t have much in the way of metropolitan Ethernet.  Bundling multiple T1 lines is slow and expensive.  Fortunately, Internet connections provided over fiber optic cables have dropped in price dramatically.  Several of our clients have moved to fiber optic Internet connections, and several more are in the process of doing so.  That’s great news because it means we can confidently recommend moving more of their apps to the cloud.  With a 20 Mbps symmetric Internet connection, things like cloud based backup, email and even cloud based ERP solutions are possible for small businesses.

We look forward to showing more of our Brightguard clients how beneficial cloud-based services can be as they move their businesses to faster and more reliable Internet connections.


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