Here is a tip for IT professionals who access Autotask from a Mac (if you’re not familiar with Autotask, it is an excellent professional services automation tool.)

Searching for a Service Desk Ticket in Autotask, by the ticket number, can be time consuming.  To make the process quicker, Brightsource IT created a Mac OS X Service called Open Ticket Detail.

The Open Ticket Detail service has been tested on Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8.

Installing The Service

1) Download the file.

2) Unzip the file.

3) Double-click on ”Open Ticket Detail.workflow” to open it and choose “Open with Automator”.

4) Toward the end of the script, the number 5 in “” refers to the America West Autotask zone.  You must use your company’s Autotask zone number in the URL in the ExecuteCommand; that is, in the code provided, replace the # in ww# with the zone number that appears in your Autotask URL.

5) Save and quit Automator.

6) Double-click on ”Open Ticket Detail.workflow” again, but this time choose “Install” to install the service.


Using The Service

1) Highlight an Autotask ticket number in any Mac application. Autotask Ticket Numbers take the format TYYYYMMDD.#### such as T20130730.0024. You must highlight the entire Autotask ticket number. Do not highlight any of the spaces before or after the ticket number.



2) Click on the application menu to the right of the Apple menu and choose Services > Open Ticket Detail.



3) In some applications, you can right click on the highlighted text and then select ”Open Ticket Detail” from the contextual menu, e.g.:



Please let us know if you find the Open Ticket Detail service useful!


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